ItemCost Per ItemAmount NeededTotal CostWhere to Buy
4"x 4' x 72" PVC Fence Cover$11.003$33.00Lowes, But 60" ones can be purchased online
4" End Caps$2.508$20.00 Lowes or
2' x 4' x 8' Lumber$2.006$12.00Lowes/Home Depot
Saw Horse Brackets (2 pack)$8.002$16.00
1/2" Raindrip Tubing$13.001 (~25ft)$13.00
1/4" Raindrip Tubing$6.001 (~25ft)$6.00
1/8" Airhose Tubing$4.001 (~25ft)$4.00
1/2" Raindrip Endcap$1.001 $1.00
1/8" Raindrip Insertion Adaptors$0.253$0.75
20 Gallon Bin With Lid$29.001 $29.00
2 3/4" Hole Driller Bit$10.001$10.00
Aquarium Air Pump$7.003$21.00
Submersible 185 Gallon per Hour Pump$19.001$19.00
Airhose Splitter$1.003$3.00
6" Airstones$3.006$18.00
9 oz Party Cups$5.001 (Comes as a 50 pack)$5.00
Soldering Iron to Make Holes in Party Cups$8.001$8.00
Or if you are Lazy Just Buy these Net Cups$6.002 12 packs$12.00
Expanded Clay Pellets$21.0010 Liters$21.00
Grow Fertilizer (High N)$15.001$15.00
Bloom Fertilizer (High P)$15.001$15.00
Micro Fertilizer$13.001$13.00
Outdoor Extension Cords$20.002$40.00
3-way Electrical Splitter$5.001$5.00
100% Silicon Sealant$9.001$9.00