ItemCost Per ItemAmount NeededTotal CostWhere to Buy
Free Standing Closet$70 or free if you can salvage one1$70 or Free if you can salvage one
Grow Vessel$40.002$80.00
Container to Make Grow Vessel$14.002$28.00
LED Grow Lights$38.002$76.00
Computer Fan$12.001$12.00
White Spray Paint$3.001$3.00
1/8" Airhose Tubing$5.001 (~25ft)$5.00
Aquarium Air Pump$7.002$14.00
6" Airstones$3.002$6.00
9oz Party Cups$2.001 (Comes as a 96 pack)$2.00Walgreens / CVS
Or if you are Lazy Just Buy these Net Cups$6.002 12 packs$12.00
Rockwool Cubes$17.001 (Comes as a 96 pack)$17.00
Expanded Clay Pellets$21.001 bag (10 Liters)$21.00
Vita Series Grow Fertilizer (High N)$6.001$6.00Buy here
Vita Series Bloom Fertilizer (High P)$11.001$11.00Buy here
Vita Series Micro Nutrient Fertilizer$11.001$11.00Buy here