Certificate of Internet Fame

It has been almost a year since the Seinfeld Fish Tank made it onto the front page of Reddit and had over 2-million hits on Imgur.  I decided to commemorate the event with a "Certificate of Internet Fame".  Because such a thing doesn't really exist, I had to make one up.  Here is what it ended up looking like:


Being that all the background was borrowed from the internet itself, I decided I'd open source this in case others make it onto the front page of Reddit, get a million YouTube views ( I think this video of mine has 250K views) or have a have a cat pic that goes viral on Instagram.

Here is the full certificate of internet fame as a Photoshop PDF with all the layers.

Here is the background of Certificate of Internet fame ready to be edited, also as a Photoshop PDF.

Enjoy the 15 seconds of Internet Fame!